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NCT`s Jeno was Complimented to Be the Most Handsome MC and Here`s How Shyly He Reacted


|  4 Jul, 2018

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Jeno didn’t know how to react. 

On an episode of ‘The Show,’ the MCs read out the tweets that were sent on Twitter when CLC’s Yeeun who is also an MC on ‘The Show,’ read out one for MC Jeno. 

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The CLC member read, “Tell Jeno, He is the most handsome MC to ever exist.” Immediately, Jeno was listening to it by the side, can’t keep a straight face and let out a really shy smile.

Image Source: Youtube 'P9uH' Screenshot

Despite so, he was able to keep it professional and pose for the camera when asked to. 

Watch the moment at the 2:01 mark in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] P9uH

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