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NCT`s Jisung had to Order in English and He was So Nervous That This was How His Ordering Process went


| 12 Jun, 2018

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Jisung was practicing his order real hard. 

The youngest among the 'Why Not The Dancer' casts, NCT's Jisung went out to a nearby cafe to get himself and the hyungs their drinks. 

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Despite already knowing what to order, Jisung couldn't get himself to order immediately and could be seen repeating and practicing the orders for little before he gestured that he was ready to have his orders taken. He smoothly got his orders taken and was able to answer the questions that were asked by the staffs too. 

Image Source: Youtube 'flufflywhite' Screenshot 

However, the nervousness didn't run off easily as the NCT maknae could still be seen with a stiff expression after his ordering. 

Watch the moment in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] fluffywhitie

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