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NCT`s Johnny Shared One Thing That He Feels Sad About in NCT`s Group Chat


| 17 Jun, 2018

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Johnny shared his sorrow for being the one who texts the most in their group chat. 

During NCT 127's appearance on NCT's Night Night radio show, Johnny was picked as the member who talks the most in their group chat when he shared a sad thing he felt about that group chat.

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Johnny shared that "But I am a little sad. That's because, isn't there 9 of us in the group chat? But whenever I say something, there will be only 2 or 3 replies." Doyoung explained that "Honestly, if there was something funny written, we will only reply if it's really funny. We don't reply if it's not funny" and the other members showed their agreement on this. 

Image Source: Youtube 'startsk88Screenshot 

Johnny explained that "I personally felt that it's really funny that's why I want to share,' and Doyoung added that "That's because they are American gag" before Yuta added that "We don't understand them."

Watch the moment in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] startsk88

Thumbnail Credit: one and only, afterglow

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