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NCT`s Lucas Made It Painfully Hard for His Fellow Cast on [Real Men 300] to Not Laugh at a Simple Comment He Made


|  3 Dec, 2018

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Lucas was just being sincere with his comment. 

On his recent appearance on 'Real Men 300,' Lucas impressed right from the beginning with his makeup-less visual, looking no different from his usual self during promotions with his group. Along with other senior celebrities, Lucas was the youngest in his batch and like the bright energy he always is, these celebrities too, were able to experience it first hand. 

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They were supposed to greet their commander for the very first time with a confident determination speech and here's what Lucas said. The NCT member said in a loud and firm voice that "This place is not a joke! I will do my best!" 

Image Source: Youtube 'K-Pop Awards' Screenshot 

At his comment, the other senior celebrities could be seen tried so hard trying to suppress their laughter, especially the fellow soldier beside him who actually fail to hold in his laughter and let out an accidental laugh.  

Image Source: Youtube 'KOCOWA TV' Screenshot 

Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] KOCOWA TV

Thumbnail Credit:  Youtube 'KOCOWA TV' Screenshot 

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