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NCT`s Mark had His Last Stage as an NCT Dream`s Member... It was an Emotional Graduation Last Show


|  6 Dec, 2018

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Mark officially graduates from NCT Dream. 

The only 99-liner in the group, as well as the oldest hyung in NCT's youngest unit group, NCT Dream's Mark has reached the end of his time with the group. His last stage with NCT Dream which was also the last stage with 7 members took place at their 'Dream Show 2' on December 5th. Despite it being a celebratory occasion, the tears just couldn't help it. 

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The members started to tear up in their speech as the time sees it end especially Renjun and Haechan couldn't hold their tears back. Mark, himself too, had difficulty delivering his speech on this day and this was what he said. 

"During our trainee period, there were ah-gi-sin-ki(referring to the 5 younger rookies at that time namely Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, and Jisung). At that time, I didn't really know these kids that well. I was a little sad for debuting with the hyungs first. But after I debuted, I was able to debut with these kids under the name of 'NCT' again. And at that time, we did it with Renjun and Chenle. Therefore, if we debuted as ah-gi-sin-ki, Renjun and Chenle wouldn't have been there."

Image Source: sweetpea

He continued,

"Even though there are tears now, I hope everyone will think of it as a good thing. Thank you so much... Ah... I didn't intend to cry but there are really a lot of people that showed support to us, 7 Dreams that help us in raising our dreams. Even though there are you guys too but I would like to give a big round of applause to all those people. Thank you so much for loving 7 Dreams and because of that I am able to graduate well. Thank you for coming to 'Dream Show' and thank you so much!" 

You can watch the moment in the video above.

Source: [Youtube] 하므.

Thumbnail Credit: 나만 바라봐, NCT Dream

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