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NU`EST Aron Accidentally Spilled out Information about His Personal Life... It Makes Fans Smile Ear-to-Ear


|  1 Aug, 2018

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Aron caused waves of laughter with his sudden confession on a TV broadcast.

Recently, NU'EST came to SBS' 'School Attack' as the special guests, giving surprise to students of Bansong Senior High School. Before giving the official surprise to them, each member got a mission to complete. Aron got to go to the convenience store without getting spotted by anyone and take a selfie with the shopkeeper.  

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Image Source: SBS

While completing his mission, though, Aron accidentally spilled an information about his personal life. He said to the shopkeeper, "Ahjussi, I was graduated in May... I have been a fan of you for the past three years." However, this sounds just wrong for Koreans. In South Korea, senior high school graduation always falls in February. It turned out that Aron finished his senior high school study in the States. 

Check out the video above to know more!

Source: [Youtube] The K-POP : SBS PLUS

Thumbnail Credit: 또곽 또곽, SBSfunE

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