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NU`EST Leader JR Talked about Future Comeback Plans with Hwang Minhyun After Wanna One


| 28 Nov, 2018

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JR updated fans about future promotion plans with Hwang Minhyun in future. 

During NU'EST W's recent comeback showcase for latest album 'WAKE,N,' they were asked about Hwang Minhyun re-joining the group after Wanna One. As you know, Hwang Minhyun has joined Wanna One, after he managed to secure the 9th place on the final episode of 'Produce 101 Season 2.' After actively promoting inside and outside Korea for slightly over a year, Wanna One will be disbanded soon.

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Image Source: Youtube 'STARK' Screenshot

To address the issue, leader JR answered that they are unable to respond with a full answer because they also have not discussed their plans about welcoming back Hwang Minhyun to the group. He started, "We want to tell you details about this but we cannot because we haven't discussed anything about it. We're sorry about that."

JR then revealed that the group has not talked about Hwang Minhyun's comeback because they are to busy with the album preparation. 


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