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NU`EST Ren Loves Dancing So Much... He Dances Without Any Clothes on at Their Dorm


| 28 Jun, 2018

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Ren dances naked at the group's dorm. 

On the June 27th episode of 'Weekly Idol,' NU'EST W came as the guest of the show. During the broadcast, Ren claimed that he is good at dancing and said that he dances to girl group songs at their dorm. To prove it, Ren went on and showed a perfect cover of MOMOLAND's 'Bboom Bboom,' EXID's 'Up & Down,' as well as Celeb Five's 'Celeb Five.'

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Ren then went back to his seat and everyone talked about Ren's love for dancing. During the talk, Aron suddenly said, "Am I allow to reveal this?" He continued, "Ren was dancing alone without any clothes in the dorm. He had his sunglasses on... I was so shocked."


Image Source: MBC

Not denying Aron's statement, Ren confidently explained, "It gets hot to dance with clothes on so I danced without them. I thought to myself, 'This is the stage', and put on the sunglasses. I let it out at home when I wasn't able to fully show everything on shows."

Source: [Youtube] ALL THE K-POP

Thumbnail Credit: intronews, Instiz

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