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NU`EST W`s Ren Surprised Fans with His Proof Shot of the Birthday Cupholders That He Personally went to Collect Them


/  5 Nov, 2018

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Ren thoroughly showed his appreciation for his fans. 

NU'EST's Ren recently celebrated his birthday on November 3rd and to add on to the celebratory mood, fans have specially prepared event cupholders on various cafes which is a common practice that could be seen in the scene for other idols too. However, what made Ren's special was the fact that he personally went down to the cafes to get them himself.

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Image Source: 'ChoiGoren' 

He uploaded the cupholders he managed to collect that comes up to 15 of them that could be seen in the picture. Ren explained in his tweet that "I really wanted to go knowing that LOVEs have prepared it wholeheartedly. I have the greed to go to all of them but even after I went during the free time in between my schedules... Because of the time, those that I couldn't go myself, I got my acquaintances to go and get the cupholders and take a picture for me! Even though I took the pictures of the nice decorations and pictures of me looking around the place, no one could recognize it was me."

Image Source: NU'EST 

Source: [Youtube] M2

Thumbnail Credit: LifePlusWithYou

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