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NUEST W`s Most Recent Clip Showed Possible Hints That Indicated Minhyun`s Return to the Group


|  2 Jan

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The '4' is turning back to '5'. 

'NUEST W' was a unit form for the remaining members of NUEST namely, Ren, JR, Baekho and, Aron to promote on their own while waiting for their 5th member, Minhyun who was promoting with the other 'Produce 101' top 10 members under 'Wanna One.' After a year and a half of promoting as a group, Wanna One will be going on their own paths and for Minhyun, it will be him returning to his group. 

On December 31st itself which is the last day of Wanna One's contract as a group, a clip titled 'NUEST W epilogue' was being released onto NUEST's official Youtube channel. The clip was kept very mysterious but fans were fast to spot the obvious hints that they believe were indications of Minhyun's return. 

Nearing to the end of the clip, there were 4 roses in a vase before a 5th rose was being added. The 4 roses were seen as the 4 members in NUEST W and the last rose was Minhyun who will be returning to his 'vase,' joining the other 4 roses.  

Image Source: Youtube 'NU'EST' Screenshot 

Watch the moment at the 0:55 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] NU'EST

Thumbnail Credit: beautiful way, Twitter 'NUESTNEWS'

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