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Nam Dareum and Kim Sohyun Took a Picture Together After 5 Years and This was How Much They have Changed


|  9 Jul, 2018

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Kim Sohyun and Nam Dareum met once again after 5 years but they could be seen to have changed a lot over the years. 

Met through the drama, 'The Suspicious Housewife' back in 2013, co-stars Nam Dareum and Kim Sohyun met once again after 5 years. 

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From the drama itself, being the oldest daughter and the third son in the family, the two of them could be seen in cuts from the drama and they have also taken a picture together during the filming too.

Image Source: Korea Iyaa

5 years later, the two met again for drama, 'Radio Romance, where Kim Sohyun played the role of the female lead and Nam Dareum played the younger version of the male lead. Everyone could see how much the two have grown over the years with this comparison. 

Image Source: Twitter 'IEzLfaMogc07WNl' 

Source: [Youtube] SBSNOW

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