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Nam Joohyuk Did a New Pictorial, Dazzling with His Visual... and Abs


| 24 Feb, 2018

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Nam Joohyuk has recently done a photo session in Hawaii with fashion magazine 'W Korea.'

The magazine has revealed the fashion film and the pictorials of the actors, where Nam Joohyuk flaunts his charms. The photo session is titled 'The Brilliant Youth Nam Joohyuk,' and just like the title, Nam Joohyuk highlights youth vibes in front of cameras.

Nam Joohyuk worked together with several luxury brands, including Christian Dior and Gucci. He posed charismatically with his deep stares and confidently showed abs and some skins for fans. 

Check out the fashion film above and the pictorials below!

Image Source: W Korea

Source: [Youtube] wkorea

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