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Nam Joohyuk Shared How a Bad Childhood Memory was the Reason Why He Finds It Hard to Express His Feelings Well


| 24 Sep, 2018

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Nam Joohyuk revealed why he couldn't express himself well. 

Heartthrob actor, Nam Joohyuk recently had a pictorial with 'GQ Korea' that came with an interview for reader and fans to know him more. In the interview itself, the actor talked about not being able to totally be engrossed in his character like Jim Carrey who would actually become the character he took on in his movies. 

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He shared that "I am not good at expressing" and added that "Honestly if I were to say it, I feel even more nervous when I shake hands with my fans." He later shared that "I am the kind to hide my feelings, whether if it's something I find tough or good. I thought that I shouldn't show my life to the other party." 

Image Source: GQ KOREA

To this, he explained how did he turn out to be afraid to express himself and it brought up a childhood memory to the start of all this. He went, "I cry a lot when I was young. Even if it's something that wasn't at all serious, I would still cry a lot. I was teased for being a crybaby and it hurt my pride. I didn't want to cry but my tears just keep falling out that's why I want to hide that. After I decided that I should hide my feelings, I have never cried in front of people even once after that."

Source: [Youtube] 오늘의 영상

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