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Nam Joohyuk Talks More about His Childhood, How He Shocks Everyone with His Puberty


| 18 Sep, 2018

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Nam Joohyuk opens up about his old days before he debuted as a model. 

The model-turned-actor will be the guest of September 19th airing of MBC's 'Radio Star.' He will appear together with Jo Insung, Bae Seongwoo, and Park Byungeun for the 'Taking-off Armors' episode. 

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Image Source: MBC

On the episode, Nam Joohyuk talked about how fast he grew up when he was younger. Nam Joohyuk revealed that he was 184cm when he was a junior high student. He said that he gained 30cm only in less than 2 years. Not to mention, his confession shocked everyone in the studio. When he was asked to reveal more about his old days, Nam Joohyuk said, "I think it's getting far better now."

The full episode will be aired on September 19th at 11:10 P.M KST.

Source: [Youtube] MBCentertainment

Thumbnail Credit: MBC, 끼까꾸월드

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