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Nam Joohyuk`s Revealed to Got Hurt After Being Grappled by Fans in a Recent Event in the Philippines


| 31 Jul, 2018

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The model-turned-actor got wounds and scratches during the fan event. 

As previously reported, Nam Joohyuk has recently come to the Philippines for 'Penshoppe Fan-Con' in Manila, together with Sandara Park. Unfortunately, during the event, several fans unintentionally hurt Nam Joohyuk during the group photos with him on the stage. They aggressively touched Nam Joohyuk and hugged him.

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Currently, international fans have been criticizing Filipino fans for what they did to Nam Joohyuk. Some also blame the security staff for not being able to protect him. Several comments found on the web read, "I feel sorry for Nam Joohyuk, they are the worst fans ever", "You definitely need to behave, b*tches", "Look at what you all have done to baby Joohyuk", and more. 

Do you think it has gone too far? 

Source: [Youtube] JMYoutubeChannel

Thumbnail Credit: HEADLINER MANILA, 222%

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