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Netflix Confirmed to Produce the 2nd Season of [The Culprit is You]


/ 31 May, 2018

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Fans will be able to see more episode of the show in the new season! 

On May 31st, a representative from Netflix revealed, "We have confirmed the production of season 2 due to the show's explosive response both domestically and overseas. We plan to upgrade the quality to bring more laughter and more exciting crime solving." 

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The PD of the show, Jo Hyojin, has also confirmed it, "The show is very innovative and unique as it combines variety with artificial reality, resulting in some awkwardness and areas of lacking, but I am happy to tell a new story again through this opportunity." He continued, "In the 2nd season, there are even more stories. We will return after preparing season 2 much more creatively and competitively, for a better, more comical structure." 

Image Source: Netflix 

The first season of the variety show includes Yoo Jaesuk, Lee Kwangsoo, Park Minyoung, Ahn Jaewook, Kim Jongmin, EXO's Sehun, and gugudan's Kim Sejung. The cast for the second season has not been announced -- it might be or might not be the same as the cast in the first season. 

Are you looking forward to the season 2 of the show, people?

Source: [Youtube] Netflix

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