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Netizens Believe That Gong Yoo Ages Backwards After Seeing Recent Behind the Scene Images of Him


| 26 Jul, 2018

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You can't believe he is about to turn 40. 

Gong Yoo has not been participating in any drama or film productions after the conclusion of the hit drama, 'Goblin.' However, that doesn't mean that the actor is losing his charm on screen. In fact, with recent images released by his management company, it only proved that the man still has what it takes to conquer the screen when he is ready. 

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On top of that, these pictures we are looking at, are from a man that is about to turn 40 soon. Actually, he is already 40 years old, according to the Korean age system but those visuals are definitely no where close to that number. 

Image Source: Management SOOP

Source: [TV NAVER] 매니지먼트 숲(management SOOP)

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