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Netizens Chose Male Idols with the Most Beautiful Forehead Line and Here`s the 9 of Them


| 13 Jul, 2018

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These 9 male idols have, no doubt, the prettiest forehead line. 

The forehead line may not be much highlighted when it comes to commenting on one’s visual but we can’t deny that one’s forehead line may actually determine one’s look too. These 9 male idols are agreed to have the best forehead line and you can find out who they are in the list below.

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1. EXO’s Kai 

Image Source: 블랙 튤립

2. WINNER’s Mino

Image Source: Lucky 0330 

3. BIGBANG’s GDragon

Image Source: Captain G

4. SHINee’s Key 

Image Source: Instagram 'bumkeyk'

5. VIXX’s Hongbin

Image Source: 베베콩

6. 2PM’s Chansung

Image Source: sprite

7. SHINee’s Minho

Image Source: Pinterest

8. Wanna One’s Guanlin 

Image Source: Right-Angle

9. INFINITE’s Dongwoo

Image Source: Pinterest

Source: [Youtube] SMTOWN

Thumbnail Credit: kaigospel, angelic moment

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