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Netizens Used to Be Skeptical about GOT7, Here`s How the Group Actually Got More Popular from Time to Time


|  1 Oct, 2018

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GOT7 used to be an underrated group but they are definitely no more. 

Debuted in 2014, people were doubting on their success in the industry. Even though it's JYP Entertainment who designed everything, not few people thought that they would just become another group that will be forgotten not long after their debut. However, the fact says something different and the boys have proven how drastic their improvement is. 

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Image Source: Twitter '@GOT7NOW'

Just looking at their first 24 hours MV views, they went from approximately 600 thousand to 10 million -- almost 17 times increase. As their fanbase, iGOT/Ahgasae, gets bigger, fans' power to support the boys also gets stronger. This applies the same as the group's album sales which constantly increasing from time to time.

Image Source: Twitter '@GOT7Official'

Let's be even more successful in the future, GOT7! 

Source: [Youtube] jypentertainment

Thumbnail Credit: JYP Entertainment

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