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New Photos of Kim Soohyun from the Military will Assure You He`s Doing All Great in the Camp


| 30 Jan, 2018

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New photos of Kim Soohyun have been released, and he looks great as ever! 

The new photos have been uploaded on the Forward Recruit Training Squadron's official site and at instant, fans spread the photos through social media accounts and online communities. The photos show how Kim Soohyun do the training in the camp, just like the other trainees. The actor is currently doing all fine, and it was reported that he has recently earned a reward vacation as an outstanding trainee who came in fourth overall during the training course.

Image Source: Forward Recruit Training Squardon's official site

Kim Soohyun enlisted in the army on October 23rd KST, without any special event. The actor quietly enlisted in the training camp in Paju, before starting his full 21 months service. Kim Soohyun is scheduled to discharge on July 22nd, 2019. 

Source: [Youtube] YTN NEWS

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