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OH MY GIRL Let It All Out with Their Wild Version of EXO`s [Wolf] and BIGBANG`s [Bang Bang Bang]


|  2 Mar, 2018

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The girls did the karaoke version of 'Wolf' and 'Bang Bang Bang.

On their broadcast through 'Heyo TV,' the girls spilt up into two teams where Jiho, Hyojung, Seunghee and Mimi went in for a wild karaoke version of EXO's 'Wolf' while Binnie, Arin and Yooa did another fierce karaoke version of BIGBANG's 'Bang Bang Bang.' Unlike their usual calm and cute image, the girls totally went all out with their 'stages,' showing off their wild and free personality. 

Image Source: Youtube 'heyotv' Screenshot

Watch their version of the two songs in the videos above!

Source: [Youtube] heyotv

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