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One Fan Revealed How She Talked with Park Bogum at BTS` Concert, Shared a Funny Thing about the Actor


| 28 Aug, 2018

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Park Bogum is indeed a pure, innocent boy.

Park Bogum once came to BTS' 'LOVE YOURSELF' concert at Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul. As he came to cheer on best friend Kim Taehyung, Park Bogum came fully-equipped with his ARMY BOMB (BTS' official light stick). However, it seems like things went not as smooth as he expected.

A fan who sat next to him shared, "He wanted to change the color of his army bomb but it was old. I explained why his did not change. He is really a good guy." It turned out that Park Bogum's army bomb is not the latest version so that it cannot be controlled from the central and cannot make the rainbow color like what the newest version can do.

Image Source: Twitter

Image Source: Twitter '@ha_ha91'

Image Source: Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

How cute Park Bogum is! 

Source: [Youtube] July Le

Thumbnail Credit: TNGT, Twitter '@130613_withus'

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