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One Fan Tried to Give BLACKPINK`s Jennie This Thing, The Staff Forbade Her... Here`s What Jennie Did


| 25 Jun, 2018

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Jennie has shown her warm side yet again in front of fans. 

On June 23rd, BLACKPINK held a fan signing event in Goyang, South Korea, for their 1st mini album, 'SQUARE UP.' As usual, fans who came to the event brought presents to their favorites. This one female fan, too, brought a flower headpiece for Jennie. She tried to put it on Jennie's head but got stopped by one of the staff members. 

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Image Source: Youtube 'M3BP TV' Screenshot

The fan tried to put the headpiece on Jennie's head several times but the staff stopped her for doing so. However, Jennie eventually stepped in and told the staff to let the fan put the headpiece on her head. Thanks to Jennie, the fan could fulfill her wish to make her looks even prettier with the flower headpiece!

Image Source: Youtube 'M3BP TV' Screenshot

Find out more in the video above (starting from 2:23 mark)!

Source: [Youtube] M3BP

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'M3BP TV' Screenshot, Jennie Avenue

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