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One Fansite Master of Red Velvet`s Wendy Spotted Pushing Irene at the Airport, Apologized


|  8 Jun, 2018

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A fansite master of Red Velvet's Wendy has released an apology statement for pushing Irene at the airport.

The accident happened at the Incheon International Airport on May 1st, when Red Velvet came back from Chicago. At that time, the fansite master was spotted pushing Irene aside as she tried to get closer to Wendy. On June 6th, the fansite master released an apology through her Twitter account. 

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Image Source: Twitter

She wrote, "This is WENever. I apologize for pushing Irene during their arrival back on May 1st. I will be more careful and will not harm the members again. Once again, I am sorry."

What are your thoughts about this, people?

Source: [Youtube] 퓨리

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@tebronic, @dogloveshe'

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