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Ong Seongwu Got a New Nickname from Non-Wannables: `Handsome Guy with Black Hair and Turtleneck`


| 10 Nov, 2018

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Ong Seongwu is too handsome that even non-fans have no choice but to fall in love with him. 

While Wannables are definitely familiar with Ong Seongwu's strong visual game, non-fans have just realized that there is another handsome (like, literally handsome) male idols in the entertainment industry. It was all happened during the '2018 Genie Music Awards,' when Ong Seongwu dazzled with his sleek hair and dandy red carpet fashion. Non-fans have started to call him the 'handsome guy with black hair and turtleneck.'

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On Twitter, non-Wannables were asking help to let them know who the guy really is. Not few of them also claimed that he looks indeed like a prince with the hairstyle and the outfit. Well, we don't blame them for saying so, you can see the photos below to see how handsome Ong Seongwu really looked like at the night. 

Image Source: As tagged

Source: [Youtube] 비몽

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@3point_ong, @miracleon0825'

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