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P.O Released His New [Comme des Garcons] MV, It Proves His Strong Bond with Best Friend WINNER`s Mino


/ 12 Nov, 2018

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P.O and Mino are inseparable. 

On November 12th, Block B's P.O finally released the MV to his new solo track 'Commes des Garcons.' The documentary-like MV shows P.O's childhood and important people in his life, including his parents, rapper Incredivle, WINNER's Mino, Choongho, Hansol, and more. He wonders around Europe and shows his adorable quirk sides through his handycam.

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Image Source: Youtube 'seven seasons' Screenshot

On the other hand, Mino has also shown support for his best friend's release. Mino first took photos of P.O and promote him on his Instagram, writing, "Uploading photos without the party's consent. #My way."

Soon after the release, Mino then also took to his Instagram story and post a clip where he sang along to the new song, where his name was mentioned. 

In case you have missed the release, you can watch the full MV above.

Source: [Youtube] seven seasons

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@realllllmino,' Insight

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