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PD of [2 Days 1 Night] Picked Park Bogum as the Most Unforgettable Guest, Here`s Why


| 19 Apr, 2018

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Park Bogum has left a strong impression on the PD.

On April 18th, the producer of KBS' famous variety show '2 Days 1 Night,' Yoo Ilyong, sat down for an interview, talking more about his program. He talked about the numerous guests who have come to the show. When asked to pick one guest who has left strongest impression, he mentioned actor Park Bogum.

Image Source: KBS

The producer said that he felt the 'Bogum Magic' when the actor came as a special guest. He said, "I remember when Park Bogum and Kim Joonhyuk came for the free traveling. I knew that he is a good man but during the filming, I felt the 'Bogum Magic.'" He added, "Because of him, the environment of the set was completely changed. Although everyone was tired at that time, once Park Bogum said something, the mood was up again."

He concluded, "I felt his bright side and the good vibes."

Source: [Youtube] KBSEntertain

Thumbnail Credit: TNGT, KBS

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