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PD of Upcoming Film [Wrestler] Revealed the Real Reason Why He Picked Lee Sungkyung as a Cast


| 13 Apr, 2018

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The PD of the upcoming film talked more about Lee Sungkyung.

On April 12th, more still cuts from film 'Wrestler' was released. In the new cuts, fans got to see more of Lee Sungkyung as well as Kim Minjae. In the film, Lee Sungkyung plays as a childhood friend of Kim Minjae, who plays as Sungwoong. Sungwoong is a son of ex-wrestler Gwibo (played by Yoo Haejin) who live an ordinary life after his retirement as a wrestler.

Image Source: Lotte

Ahead of the premiere, the PD of 'Wrestler,' Kim Taewoong, revealed the reason why he decided to cast Lee Sungkyung in the film. He said, "Lee Sungkyung has indeed a cheerful and bright charisma. When I met her for the first time, I could see Gayoung (Lee Sungkyung's character in the film) in her."

'Wrestler' will hit cinemas starting May this year.

Source: [Youtube] 미디어로그영화

Thumbnail Credit: Lotte

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