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PENTAGON`s Yanan and Shinwon were the Only Ones That Saw NCT`s Taeil Jokingly Touched Doyoung`s Butt and Here`s How They Reacted


| 26 Aug, 2018

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Yanan and Shinwon’s eyes just landed on time to see what Taeil did to Doyoung at an event. 

Pentagon and NCT were one of thee participating artists at the 2017 Korea Music Festival that was held on September 2017. Both groups attended the press conference held during the day time and the Pentagon members were lined up behind NCT on an elevator level. 

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Pentagon’s Yanan and Shinwon were standing right behind NCT’s Taeil and Doyoung. At one time during the press conference, Yanan and Shinwon happened to see the very moment Taeil had his hand behind Doyoung before disturbing the latter by touching his butt. 

Image Source: Youtube ‘christy. channel (クリスティー.チャンネル)’ Screenshot 

Yanan and Shinwon tried to hold in their laughter before meeting eyes and to understand that they both witnessed the same thing just a few seconds ago. Watch the moment at the 10:28 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] christy. channel (クリスティー.チャンネル)

Thumbnail Credit: ysnr

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