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Papa Tuan`s Once Again Shared an Old Footage of GOT7`s Mark, He Indeed has Been Adorable Since Then


/ 4 Jun, 2018

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Papa Tuan, the father of GOT7's Mark, has once again delighted fans with a never-released clip of Mark. 

Recently, Papa Tuan took to his Twitter @linbea945 and uploaded an old footage of Mark. In the clip, Mark is spotted playing golf by the lake. He was approximately only 10 at that time. Papa Tuan captioned the clip, "Mark....see how good U was........."

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Image Source: Youtube 'BTS,GOT7,EXO K-POP' Screenshot

It's not the first time Papa Tuan has spoiled fans with exclusive documentation -- either photos or videos -- of Mark. Needless to say, Papa Tuan has been quite famous among fans. 

Check out the clip above!

Source: [Youtube] BTS,GOT7,EXO K-POP 

Thumbnail Credit: Instiz, GANPPPP

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