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Papa YG Posted a Photo of Himself Posing in front of Camera... iKON Junhoe`s Comment will Make You LOL


| 12 Jul, 2018

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iKON's Junhoe is all mischievous to his boss. 

On July 11th, Yang Hyunsuk updated his Instagram for the grand opening of his new restaurants. He put the hashtags "#3geori_Butchers #3Birds #YG_Republique #Gangnam_Central_City #Grand_Open #YG." In the first photo he shared, though, it's not about the restaurant but more about himself. Papa YG poses in front of his new restaurant while smiling to the camera.

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Image Source: Instagram

Soon after the photos were uploaded, iKON's Junhoe left a comment for his boss. He wrote, "Everyone, our chairman is a man with great proportion." Junhoe even put a heart emoji and an excited-face emoji. 

Needless to say, fans were all excited to see Junhoe's adorable comment; and the fact that he can throw a joke to his boss makes fans sure that they are indeed close in real life. Several fan comments on the post read, "Junhoe why you are so funny?", "Junhoe, don't lie to your boss", "I'm laughing so hard for Junhoe's comment OMG", and more. 

Anyway, congratulations on the new restaurant opening, Yang Hyunsuk!

Source: [Youtube] 철이

Thumbnail Credit: 노컷뉴스, KOSMIC METEOR KOOJUNHOE

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