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Park Bogum Shows Affection and Support Towards BTS


| 17 May, 2018

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Park Bogum has sent an adorable video message to BTS.

The actor sent his message while promoting Coca-Cola. In the clip, Park Bogum says, "To BTS, whom I really, really love, are you all doing well? Though there's not a lot of time to meet because of our busy schedule, I hope you won't forget that I'm always rooting for you guys. Be healthy, and let's always walk on the flower road. BTS, fighting!"

Image Source: Youtube 'JL_Klovely' Screenshot

It's not the first time for fans to see Park Bogum's interaction with BTS. The actor is well-known to be close friends with BTS' Taehyung. The two have even gone on trips together and have shown support for each other.

Check out the supportive video message from Park Bogum to BTS above!

Source: [Youtube] JL_Klovely

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'JL_Klovely' Screenshot, BLACKTAETAE

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