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Park Bogum will Be an MC for [Music Bank]... One More Time


|  3 Mar, 2018

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Fans will be able to see ParkBogum again on 'Music Bank'!

Park Bogum has received much love from hosting the music show, together with Red Velvet's Irene. Unfortunately, he had to bid goodbye to the show in June 2016 after hosting the show for 13 months since May 2015. But now, fans will be able to see the actor hosting the music show once again!

Park Bogum has been confirmed for 'Music Bank in Chile,' which is set to be on March 23rd at Movistar Arena. He will be the solo MC for the event and he will come together with top stars, including SHINee's Taemin, B.A.P, VIXX, TWICE, Wanna One, as well as SF9.

Image Source: KBS

Are you excited to have Park Bogum once again as the MC of the music show?

Source: [Youtube] T4FBizarro Chile

Thumbnail Credit: 지렁벌, 그런너

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