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Park Hyungsik Thanked BTS` Taehyung for Sending Him a Food Truck to His Filming Set


| 12 Jun, 2018

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Park Hyungsik took to his Instagram to thank Taehyung for the food truck he sent. 

On June 12th, the actor uploaded a series of photos of him posing in front of the food truck he received from best friend BTS' Taehyung. In the caption, Park Hyungsik wrote, "Don't need a detailed explanation.. #NextTime_Hyungs_ComeTogetherandSendYouOne #ThankYouTaehyung #ILoveYouTaeTae"

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Taehyung sent a coffee truck for Park Hyungsik, who is currently filming for his drama 'Suits.' On the food truck, Taehyung put a banner of Park Hyungsik, writing, "Our baby is surprised? Just like this, he has turned into an associate lawyer now. All thanks to you people. Thank you."

Needless to say, fans have once again fallen in love with the two's adorable chemistry. 

Source: [Youtube] KBSdrama & [Instagram] phs1116

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@phs1116'

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