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Park Seojoon Made a Funny Comment on His Own Standee in His Recent Update


| 24 Jun, 2018

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Park Seojoon had a friendly selfie time with his own standee.

Park Seojoon recently updated his Instagram with pictures of him taken with his standee for his endorsement with 'Bibigo.' 

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Along with the pictures was his hilarious caption, criticizing his own standee that wasn't at the right height. 

He left a caption that went, "with Park Seojoon whose growth is still immature (about 2nd year of middle school)" indicating how his standee was not at the proper height. 

Drama, 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim' with Park Seojoon as the main cast is currently airing every Wednesday and Thursday, be sure to catch it if you haven! 

Source: [Youtube] Me 19780412
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