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Park Seojoon Talked More about Park Minyoung and His Relationship with Her After the Dating Rumors


| 31 Jul, 2018

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Park Seojoon personally talked about his recent dating rumors with Park Minyoung.

On July 31st, the actor sat down for an interview at a cafe in Nonhyeon, Seoul. He talked about wrapping up his drama 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?' and being involved in dating rumors with Park Minyoung, who also worked for the drama. Park Seojoon started, "Actually, it's a bit disappointing that people focus more about the dating rumors rather than the drama itself."

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He continued, "It's because we have worked hard for the drama, it's a shame that people got distracted (by the dating rumors). It will be great if people can focus more on the drama and talk about it for a longer time after it ended."

When asked whether he still keeps in contact with Park Minyoung after the dating rumors, he answered, "I still contact her but it's just the same with the other actors." 

He was also asked about the rumors saying that he picked Park Minyoung as his partner in the drama. To this, he said, "No, it's not true.'" He then went into the details, "However, there were times when the director asked me whether I have someone in mind. I just think that it is a fate to work with anyone. To pick my partner is not my authority and the producer has to like the actress before casting her. I think that it's not right to say the actress I want to play with."

Park Seojoon concluded, "I think the drama ended pretty much well. If I think positively, the dating rumors came up because of Miso and Youngjoon's (Park Minyoung and Park Seojoon's characters in the drama) chemistry."

Source: [Youtube] tvN DRAMA

Thumbnail Credit: tvN, The Qoo

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