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Park Seojoon Thanked BTS` Taehyung for the (Hilarious) Food Truck He Sent


|  5 Jun, 2018

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BTS' Taehyung has once again shown his love to Park Seojoon.

On May 5th, Park Seojoon revealed that he has received a food truck at the filming set of his upcoming drama 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim' from best friend BTS' Taehyung! He wrote in the caption, "Thank you and I love you cute boy.. Thank you and I love you but you know that it's not a good thing to do something like this, isn't it? #ButStillIloveYouTaeTae." 

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On the food truck, Taehyung teased the actor by putting a photo of Park Seojoon with his double chin. He also wrote, "You have all worked hard because of Park Seojoon. Please think as you want to kill your enemy with kindness and please do well to him."

Meanwhile, you can watch the latest teaser of the upcoming tvN drama above, while waiting for the premiere on June 6th.

Source: [Youtube] tvN DRAMA & [Instagram] bn_sj2013

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