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Park Shinhye`s Past Interview about Marriage Came to Light After Her Dating Confirmation with Choi Taejoon


|  8 Mar, 2018

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Fans look back on Park Shinhye's comments about dating and marriage.

After the actress confirmed her relationship with actor Choi Taejoon on March 7th, her thoughts about dating and marriage from one past interview have come to light. Back then, she has not opened her relationship to the public.

At that time, Park Shinhye was asked to talk about her dating style, in which she answered, "I date secretly. I don't really think that going public is necessary when we are still a girlfriend and boyfriend. I think it's important to separate private life from a professional career." She also mentioned about her future marriage in the interview, saying, "I will announce (my relationship) when I'm ready for it."

Do you think that it means Park Shinhye is ready for a more serious relationship with Choi Taejoon?

Source: [Youtube] MAMONDE 마몽드 KOREA

Image Source: Roem, SBS

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