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Park Woojin and Park Jihoon Apologized for Causing Controversy


| 17 Jan, 2018

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Wanna One's Park Woojin and Park Jihoon responded to the recent controversial clip involving them.

After their agency YMC Entertainment clarified things, the two idols has also decided to open up so that there will be no further misunderstandings among fans. Park Jihoon and Park Woojin wrote on Wanna One's official fan cafe, clearing up things that they were actually only joking around and no serious things happened at that time. 

Park Jihoon wrote,

"Wannable, this is Jihoon.

First of all, I am sorry that I have troubled many of you. Woojin and I are friends of the same age, and he is my only same-age friend, so we tend to play around a bit aggressive. I think that's why this turned into a big issue.

After what happened in the video you have probably watched, Woojin tidied my hair and we chatted as we boarded the plane without problem.

I was not upset when Woojin played around, and of course, it didn't hurt nor was I offended. We have no problem as friends and we’re doing well, so there is no need for you to worry.

I will be more careful from now on to show a good image, and not to worry so many people."

Meanwhile, Park Woojin wrote,

"Hello, this is Wanna One's Park Woojin.

I apologize for causing trouble because of my behavior in a public place.

Jihoon and I usually play around comfortably and roughly as friends, but I think this could have disturbed people who were watching.

I will be more cautious so that this doesn't happen again, and I will try my best to show a good image."


Source: [Youtube] -*wanna one*- 쵸믕


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