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Part-Timer at a Snack Bar Who is a Fan of Zico Shared How EXO`s Xiumin has Made Her an EXOL in Seconds


| 12 Jan

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She has been under Xiumin's magic spell. 

Recently, one part-timer who works at a snack bar has revealed her amazing experience of meeting EXO's Xiumin at her workplace. She started, "I saw Xiumin. I did not only see him but I received an order from him. I saw him so close and I made a coffee for him. I thought that he looks like Xiumin and convinced after I saw 'Kim Minseok' written on his credit card."

The fan continued, "I was right, I thought it's too bad for a man like him to be only a normal person. When I asked him whether he has his point card, he said that he left it at his house with a regretful facial expression (at that time I became his fan in no time; why would a person who can buy the entire shop feels bad not to receive the point). When I said that he can receive the point through his cellphone number, he started to mention his phone number. I quickly said that he should enter his number on the screen. I think he really thought that I don't know him. He was so nice and even without makeup, he is really handsome."

Image Source: Instiz

She went on, "I asked him if he graduated from the same school as mine and he quickly asked if I am his junior. I cannot keep calm even now. His film almost started but he even talked to me and gave me a sign. I have completely fallen in love with him. I am a fan of Zico but Xiumin looks like a flash of light to me. I wish he could read this post."

Source: [Youtube] KBSKpop

Thumbnail Credit: Instiz, Twitter '@Boong_eo'

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