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Photographer of Nam Joohyuk`s `Wounds` at the Event in the Philippines Clarified Rumors, Saying It`s NOT Because of Fans


| 31 Jul, 2018

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The photographer has explained the truth behind her photos which show marks on Nam Joohyuk's arms

The photographer, Gia Allana, clarified that Nam Joohyuk actually already had the scratches even before the event. She shared a photo of the model-turned-actor taken right after he and Sandara Park were introduced on stage at the FanCon event of a local clothing brand. 

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She wrote, "Hi, everyone! Since the photos that are currently circulating online saying that NJH got his scratches after the M&G are from my album, would like to make it clear that those photos were taken before the M&G. This one was actually taken a minute or two after they first went on stage. We also don't know if those are scratches, wounds, or bug bites."

The photographer added, "But, yes, hoping that he wasn't scratched or hurt after the M&G also. And also hoping that everyone can learn from the experience, knowing that NJH is also a human being capable of getting hurt. Let's all be careful and kinder next time, shall we? And also try to follow the rules and limits set by the organizers (no touching, etc.) So everyone can have a good time before, during, and even after the event."

Image Source: Facebook 'Gia Allana'

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Source: [Youtube] JMYoutubeChannel

Thumbnail Credit: PENSHOPPE

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