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Producer of Sunmi`s [Siren] Surprised with the Amount of Versions the Song Had Before Coming Down to Its Final Version


| 16 Sep, 2018

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Co-composer and arranger of Sunmi's new track opened up some insight about the song.

Sunmi's latest comeback release 'Siren' has been receiving heated responses and of course, no one beats the excitement the ones who made this track has. Sunmi composed this song with a producer going by the name 'FRANTS' and the producer let fans into some behind stories of the song upon its release.

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The producer posted the album cover of 'Siren' and captioned, "Sunmi siren has been released. With only just Siren, it has already more than 7 versions to it in each genre and it was being chosen among the handful of mixes done. It's a song that we have unlimited affection for. Addict, Black Pearl are also songs that we have much affection for. Please listen to it a lot."

How are you liking the song so far? 

Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이) & [Instagram] dj_frants
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