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Rare Footages of BLACKPINK`s Lisa in Black Hair That will Make All Fanboys Go Crazy


| 19 Jul, 2018

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Lisa indeed looks captivating, regardless of her hair color. 

While the idol is popular for her 24/7-blonde-hair, Lisa has proven how she can also nail black hair. Earlier this year, before she made a comeback with BLACKPINK, Lisa dyed her hair black and Netizens think that she looks even more gorgeous with it! 

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Some of the Netizens also compares him with Nana Komatsu. Comments read, "Wait... Doesn't she look like Nana Komatsu?", "At first, I thought it's a photo of Komatsu but moments later I realized that it's Lisa. LOL", "She is pretty both in blonde and black hair. She is just pretty. That's it", and more. You can check out the fancam above and the photos of Lisa in the black hair below.

Image Source: As tagged

Source: [Youtube] 비몽

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube '비몽,' All or nothing. Now or never.

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