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Red Velvet`s Irene Adorably Froze in the Middle of Their Stage and the Way It Happened was a Cute Sight


| 13 Aug, 2018

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Irene just went blank. 

Red Velvet held a fan sign at Caribbean Bay on August 12th for their latest release 'Power Up.' The girls performed not only their new title track but also the very track that named them the 'Summer Queens,' 'Red Flavor' too.

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They were performing 'Red Flavor' when it came to Irene being in the center for their chorus formation and the leader could be seen slowly stopping her dance before seemingly glancing around a little. 

Image Source: Youtube '비몽' Screenshot 

After coming back to her senses, she slowly joined back the dance with a shy smile on her face. Watch the moment at the 1:00 mark in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] 비몽

Thumbnail Credit: is9194
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