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Red Velvet`s Irene Got Herself a New Notebook During Their Trip for Their Reality Show and Here`s the First Thing She Did with It


| 17 Sep, 2018

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This was how Irene spent her first night in Europe. 

The girls were in Slovenia for the filming of the season 3 of their 'Level Up Project' and with the self-cameras they had, Irene had a little before bed sharing as she showed the beautiful place they visited in the day. She also showed off her new notebook that has a new drawing as its cover.

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She was saying how she has nothing written on it yet before pulling out a pen after a moment of thought. Flipping through her phone as she went, "There's something I would like to draw..." and showed the result of her result that she shyly smiled while saying that "It doesn't look the same..." 

Image Source: Youtube '오늘의배주현 Screenshot

She tried again before closing the notebook and called it a day. Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 오늘의배주현

Thumbnail Credit: b329

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