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Red Velvet`s Seulgi Couldn`t Control Her Expression when Joy Ate Ice Cream in an Unexpected Way


|  3 Oct, 2018

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Joy just knows how to get creative.

Red Velvet was enjoying their time after lunch in their Level Up Project Season 3 and helped themselves with some ice-cream after their meal. Wendy got herself a cup of mango-flavored ice cream that she was more than happy to share with her members while feeding Joy who came to ask for a bite of it. 

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Seulgi was helping herself with a spoon of the ice-cream too before Joy wanted more of it. However, before Wendy could finish her sentence that she wanted to say, "There's spoon, use the spoon to eat" Joy already had her thumb and forefinger together as she pinched herself a little ice-cream. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Red Velvet debar' Screenshot 

The moment saw what Joy did, she let out an uncontrollable frown and shocked while staring at the younger as Wendy exclaimed, "This is my first time seeing someone using their hands to tear an ice-cream to eat it!" 

Watch the moment at the 11:52 mark in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] Red Velvet debar

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