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Red Velvet`s Seulgi Shared How She Doesn`t want People to Feel Sad for Her Long Trainee Period and Here`s Why


| 29 Sep, 2018

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Seulgi talked about her long trainee period in a recent interview. 

Seulgi had a solo pictorial interview with GQ Korea in its latest issue and showed a more mature and toned down side of herself in both, images and in words. She talked about the supports her parents gave in from the very moment she dreamt of becoming a singer as well as her 7 years long trainee period. 

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The Red Velvet's dancer shared, "People would go 'Oh... It must have been hard for you, how did you endure through all that,' and feel sad for me but I really hope people don't feel that way for me. I don't think that that period of time it's something pitiable myself. Even though there were times that were tough, those who trained for 3 years will have their own form of toughness too." 

Image Source: GQ Korea

She added, "Take it as someone who trained for 3 years debuted along with me, then that person would have to match with me, someone who has trained for 7 years. That would mean that that person is going through a 7-year worth of trainee in just 3 years. If I were to have debuted in just 3 years, I felt more lost than I am now." 

Source: [Youtube] DaftTaengk

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