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Red Velvet`s Seulgi Shared Why She Still Speaks to Irene Formally Despite Being Close Enough


| 30 May, 2018

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Seulgi never speaks informally with Irene despite to have known each other for so long. 

Seulgi recently shared that she still speaks to their leader, Irene in formal speech after years of being together seen their trainee days. 

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On her appearance on 'Secret Unnie' with Sunmi, Seulgi shared that "I can't do that," before explaining that "I can't speak informally." She elaborated that "I started as a trainee since young so I got really used to speaking formally to unnies and oppas. That's why, I still uses formal speech when talking to Joohyun unnie(Irene)." 

Image Source: Youtube '레드벨벳 웃토' Screenshot 

Watch the moment in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] 레드벨벳 웃토

Thumbnail Credit: 자꾸생각나 

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