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Red Velvet`s Wendy was Awake in a Beat All Thanks to Joy and Here`s How She Did It


| 19 Sep, 2018

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They are full of energy for someone who has just waken up.

In an episode of Red Velvet's 'Level Up Project Season 3,' Joy and Wendy shared a room together during their time in Slovenia. While checking up on the girls' morning, Joy was already awake in her shared-room with Wendy and she was ready to wake the other up too.

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With her wide awake, Joy turned on a really energetic song for a morning and Wendy started whining, going "What is this... Early in the morning..." Joy started clapping to the song and despite her whining, Wendy joined in with some arm-popping of hers while still being under her blanket. 

Image Source: Youtube '레드벨벳 웃토2' Screenshot

This room is wide awake alright. Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 레드벨벳 웃토 2

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