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Red Velvet`s Yeri Shared the Tips She Believed in when She Auditioned for SM Entertainment


|  8 Jul, 2018

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Yeri searched for tips on the internet before auditioning for SM Entertainment and these were what they were. 

In her appearance on 'Secret Unnie' with actress Han Chaeyoung, they were in the car when the latter asked Red Velvet's Yeri how did she end up becoming a singer and here's how she replied. 

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Yeri shared that "When I was in 5th grade of elementary school, I thought that I needed to audition and the company that came out when I was searching on the internet was my current company." She added that "There was something like 'SM Entertainment audition tips' and it was like 'It good to wear a hair accessory' and also 'Never sing a song from that company.'" 

Image Source: Youtube 'JTBC4' Screenshot

When being asked if she knew the reason behind that, Yeri had no idea herself too. Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] JTBC4

Thumbnail Credit: petite fleur

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